turning boys into girls
children of the crack
neveready tackles meat in a closet
are we live?

on record
stoner gangs excel at school
ike knows fear
twain waxes masterbation

fully loaded
death tone

american queso
flashy dependence
issue 1 volume 1

necessary evils

For thousands upon thousands of years, since our ancestors first learned to bash in one another's skulls as a means of material acquistion and social advancement, men (and a few women) have pondered the existence of evil. So much has been said and written (and screamed) that I thought it might be worthwhile to provide a short 'Evil Primer' for the sake of clarification.

(Of course, the whole idea of a mere duality consisting of good and evil is not the only way of looking at things. A Buddhist might object that the descriptive terms 'good' and 'evil' are useless and result from an attachment to material objects; what is required is illumination, not justice or recompense. Of course, this doesn't explain the donations to Al Gore....)

Evil as a potent, independent force has been the source of endless discussion. First we have to distinguish between 'natural evil' and 'moral evil' -- an example of natural evil might be a deadly hurricane, or a flood, or Jerry Springer. Moral evil, or evil that involves human intention, is what we're more accustomed to thinking of when we think of 'evil'. Murder, rape, war -- all moral evils. We have the power to prevent moral evils, because we are moral agents that exercise free will. In theory, anyway.

Life in the 'Murrican Empire' possesses its own singularly insidious variations on the theme. Evil ('the Other') is used as a marketing angle, in which (following the brightest minds of two thousand years of Western thought) the Other is seen as something apart and alien. Prisons, car alarms, home security, the FDA -- all have been sold to the public as a fetish to ward off evil.

The other, more systemic example is a moral evil that masquerades as a natural one: the consumerist 'lifestyle' itself. Food. Rent. Heat. Electricity. Buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell. We have been told that capitalism (in particular, corporate capitalism) is the natural order of things -- bullshit. Capitalism, like any other system of social organization, involves people making choices The next time someone says that these things are because "that's the way it is" you have my permission to march up to them and spit in their eye. Tell 'em Vulgus sent you.