...booty got up with the beat patrol
fillin' the tank with pennies in the roll.

the refined blithery of j.n.l. gordon

unordered scratch -- black comp
"loaded and firing an ease of motion"

a godly gift like sin
"profound to the dizzy merchant"

42 miles to eugene
"born in a cadillac on the 'shaw cruisin'"

round midnight
"somethings are born for our scorn"

unordered scratch -- black comp

thinking 'bout lucy

the lay of the march--
fooled by spine and asphalt
towards ultimate tame

strings cross the rift valley
then push true west for more--
the package bundled with clouds

surface tensions flop the skin
finding spiral comfort in old watts
loaded and firing an ease of motion

the defeated find a numb nestle
a sweet recline in the hand
and sleep with eyes flashing

dogs dream of the sea
and stick their noses in the air
searching for west
bewteen the casinos and piers
huddled over the table
bidding with golden best
tails wagging in rhythm
to a temporary rest

temporary in a lumberyard

sea green metal is the path of digestion
solid pieces with purpose extend to the next--
clunky flow game of resource process tag.
forest home planed to manufactured house.
every view is movement,
every view is a hundred miles up--
bugs haul in the hemlock
with the vibration of progress,
an external force,
a pneumatic belch and life conveys to product.
weigh the difference and move on.


miles floats the mood
poking through the rise
lips warm with sound pushed
thick blues and closed eyes
trane swings low the flame
to lay beauty on the floor
and constant is the time
for hump and ivory's chore
the rushes find a child
and formed a fever glide
groove five a high so tight
pulsed and moved to ride

a godly gift like sin

what is the matter with art?

a talent needs to be found
amongst my many threats of diversion--
the means to hold my self in company
with those who smooth the gallery.

the simple practice of unconscious
mutter and the ogled product of effort.

the tangle of lines and substance
leaves the head scatchers busy--
profound to the dizzy merchant
framing their psychology for the
profit of blatent diagnosis.
pushed by the bully motivator,
creativity bottlenecks my fingers

hung knee
slung sunk over the leg,
the foot falls fast asleep

i am a giant slither on the back of the fish
a twitch fired across spine
charged for curious annoyance
born with the super powers
of brilliant obviousness

"the feeling is mutual," she said
as fist flung in contempt
the lesson learned sneaks again
from circuits in cement

round midnight

a new
kind of cola tripped the world to it's
a shot in the arm
for a hive waiting
for a queen

somethings are born for our scorn
insects that fly
the wag of fingers in eye
and charts selling the inbetween

taste-tests like a win for sin
a heavy sigh
on a mothers tired try
captured for view on the big screen

sineads tweak of the freak
hell of a guy
serious savings to buy
and a paperback version to gleen

i got the skills to pay the bills
but it ain't currency

i rent my life
rent to own
got some money down
on the right to bitch
and moan

the dog picks up his chin
and makes the sign for the phone
flying head long over all wrong
for only half the price of alone

the conversation twists to the beat of the familiar-
swamps of infinite comfort.
magnets march in order to the cadence of like minds
for fear of the stubbed toe.
a trade against tirade-
an obvious peace to the meter of the swim .

the wicked sleep
while lambs burn the midnight bulbs.
myth making hands wrench
tales of monster invasion.
no devil in the bush
no jesus in the sky
only the chatter of teeth
burned by the chatter industry

public enemy told me about government
that dad was up to no good
smiling with a jive hand out

"it said they were suckers"

42 miles to eugene

and if you think the sky is huge
you should try your deluge

your words are as sharp as the road
that lays across the land
connecting people with people
they can not stand

what a cruel dilemma to never be satisfied
we have no place to hide and everything to see

and you and I know
california is a manifest disneyland,
with a fruit stand

family tree

my daddy builds tables
and chairs and cabinets.
he lives on a commune in tallahassee.
he said, "son, I ain't your father
my home is on lock-down
and I don't know the first thing about carpentry."

I said "daddy," I mean, "stranger,
what is your motive.
how could you hurt such a young-one like me?"
he said, "child in the big house
there is no joy
and spreading the misery sets me free."

shards of rubber and shiny metal line the highway
these are the moments
that marked my communion
shards of rubber and shiny metal line the highway
born in a cadillac
on the 'shaw cruisin'

sexy revolution ska song

what's going to happen
when you live in a world
live in a world
where the world doesn't live

I got a line from
your mouth to my house
your mouth to my house
your mouth to my house
I got a line from your mouth
to my house
and I have to pay a fee?
you tell me I got to be your
got to be a shinny can
i'am defiant I don't
get the fuck away

the story of a strange epoch:
hypocrisy versus ego for rights
to the end times

try pansy's

life of float driver
hand signals and
a bunch of people yellin'

the monkeys in the blue suits
pick up the gun
to put down the fun

buy a piece of tomorrow
and you will win
because sold tomorrows
pay dividends